aguieus tactical training

Weapon Systems

Aguieus has the ability to supply new off the shelf weapon systems from top manufactures around the world at extremely competitive prices. Due to our increased buying power due to transactions from several countries we are able to negotiate prices from the manufacture at lower cost to our clients. We also have access to large inventories of used and refurbished weapon systems to accommidate all budgets, from small arms to ship mounted systems. We handle all of the licensing and logistical requirements in a time efficiant, and budget concious manner.

Man Portable: Javelin, RPGSpike
Mounted: TOW and Kornet
HELIX, Det-Cord, Blasting Caps, Sheet Explosives, TNT, C4 Plastic Explosive, Copper Linear Shape Charges
Available in Military or Commercial Grades
Grenades and Mortars
Grenades: M67, Incendiary, Smoke, CS Gas, and Percussion
Mortars: 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm
Small Arms
Combat Pistols: Berretta 92, Colt 1911, Glock 17, FN Five Seven,SigP226
Combat Rifles: AK47, AK74, M4, M16, FN SCAR, F2000, and FN FAL
Combat Shotguns: Benelli M3Super 90, Mossberg 590, Remington 870
Grenade Launchers: M203, M79, Milkor MGL, and MK19
Machine Guns: M240, M249, RPK-74, M2HB, MG4, and PKM
Sniper Rifles: Commercial and Custom Made Bolt Action and Semi-Auto