aguieus tactical training

Individual Personnel Protection

Aguieus provides only Certified level IIIA and Above Ballistic Protection. All of our body armor, helmets and ballistic blankets meet or exceed the United States National Institute of Justice Standards for Ballistic Protection. We offer solutions for all budgets without comprimising our safety standards.

IIIA Soft Armor - IV SAPI Plates - IIIA Helmets - IIIA Ballistic Blankets

Tactical Clothing and Combat Gear

Aguieus provides boots up equiping of troops including uniforms, tactical vest, holsters, utility bags, pouches, head gear, and ofcourse boots. Our equipment is battle proven and we have solutions to fit any budget. We work with only the finest equipment manufactures and demand a quality product no matter what the budget. We work with each client to ensure that thier needs are met on all levels, including quality, budget, and after sales support.

Holsters-Pouches-Tactical Vest-Uniforms - Head Gear - Footwear- Combat Meals